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Project Description
What you have been waiting for. Perform a deep compare of any two .NET objects using reflection. Shows the differences between the two objects.

Compatible with .NET Framework 3.5 and higher. Portable Class Library version works with .NET 4.0+, Silverlight 5+, Windows Phone 8+, Windows RT 8+, Xamarin iOS, and Xamarin Droid

NuGet Package

  • Compare Children (on by default)
  • Handling for Trees with Children Pointing To Parents (Circular References)
  • Compare Primitive Types
  • Compare Structs
  • Compare IList Objects
  • Compare Single and Multi-Dimensional Arrays
  • Compare IDictionary Objects
  • Compare Publicly visible Class Fields and Properties
  • Compare Private Fields and Properties (off by default)
  • Compare Enums
  • Compare Timespans
  • Compare Guids
  • Compare Classes that Implement IList with Indexers
  • Compare DataSet Data
  • Compare DataTable Data
  • Compare DataRow Data
  • Compare LinearGradient
  • Compare HashSet
  • Compare URI
  • Compare IPEndPoint
  • Compare Types of Type (RuntimeType)
  • Source code in C#
  • NUnit Test Project Included
  • Ability to load settings from a config file for use with powershell
  • Several configuration options for comparing private elements, ignoring specific elements, including specific elements.
  • Property and Field Info reflection caching for increased performance
  • Rich Differences List or simple DifferencesString
  • Supports custom comparison functions
  • ElapsedMilliseconds indicates how long the comparison took
  • Ability to IgnoreCollectionOrder
  • Thread Safe
  • Ability to pass in the configuration
  • Ability to ignore indexer comparison
  • Ability to ignore types
  • Interface member filtering
  • Ability to treat string.empty and null as equal
  • Beyond Compare Report
  • WinMerge Report
  • CSV Report
  • User Friendly Report

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